Women’s Health Clinic

Dr. Lennie Folden

Dr. Folden’s Women’s Health Clinic

Introduction Dr. Folden

Dr. Folden is a family physician who is passionate about women’s health and provides care in a compassionate and fully inclusive manner.  Please read Dr. Folden’s full bio here.

Services Offered

Breast Health Consultations

– Clinical breast exam, screening if indicated and education.
– Assessing any breast concern or abnormality.

Gynecological issues

– Pap tests (cervical cancer screening)
– Investigation and management of heavy/painful periods
– Assessment and management of vaginitis/abnormal vaginal discharge
– Endometrial biopsy, as indicated.
– Vulvar biopsy, as indicated.

Sexual health for women

– STI screening (testing) and education.
– Contraceptive Counselling, including IUD and Nexplanon insertion and removal
– HPV Counselling

Reproductive Health

– Early prenatal care, until transfer to an appropriate maternity group.
– Preconception counselling

A full visit report will be provided to you family physician, if you have one.

What is Not Offered

– Management of menopause symptoms
– Ordering labs to check hormone levels
– Complete physical exam
– Mental health issues

Referal Not Required

You can self-refer to see Dr. Folden for the services listed above.  However, Dr. Folden does not accept general family medicine patients in her practice and does not deal with issues related to general family medicine.  Your appointment will focus solely on Women’s Health issues.

Clinic Hours / Booking

Monday: 9 AM to 4PM .  Please come 10 minutes early to complete the intake questionnaire.  More hours to be announced.

Patient can book directly by calling (587) 393-3866 and ask to book with Dr. Folden.   Physician referrals are welcome and can be faxed to: (587) 393-3867  att: Dr. Folden.

Questionnaires / Forms

Obstetrical Patient Questionnaire (PDF)
Patient Agreement and Registration (PDF)