About us

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We strive toward providing the best possible care for family medicine and walk-in patients living in Seton and surrounding communities.

Despite challenges and limitations facing health care, the focus of our clinicians and staff will be to build trusting lasting relationship with patients and to provide them with best possible medical care within our abilities.

We’ll Keep You Healthy With

Private DNA Test

This is a private test offered in partnership with DNAPride.  DNA Pride is a trusted DNA testing centre based in Canada.

Family Medicine

Need a family doctor? We have several doctors accepting new patients in our clinic.

Botox for Migraine

Botox is said to decrease the frequency of migraine days by an average of 50 percent for those who suffer chronically.


No appointment necessary! Our clinic is open 7 days per week.

Joint Injections

Steroid, or hyaluronic acid injection can can be used as part of a treatment plan and help reduce knee pain due to osteoarthritis.

Women's Health

Our physicians specialize in women’s healthcare. We provide professional advice specific to women.

Fee Schedule

The costs of most medical care services in Alberta are covered for residents. The following is a list of some of the common fees that patients are required to pay directly at the time of the visit to the clinic.

Clinic Policy

Our clinic policies are designed to protect the interests of our patients as well as our staff.  To help us serve you better, please take a moment to look at all of our policies prior to your first visit.