Dr. Derek Wang

Dr. Derek Wang

I am a family doctor at the Seton Medical Clinic. I received my medical training from the University of Calgary, where I spent three years learning from my colleagues about medicine and life.


Born in Shanghai, China, I immigrated to Edmonton with my family during my junior high school days. It was difficult living in a new country, especially because of the language barrier. But I had family and friends to rely on, and I discovered that life in the cold winters of Canada wouldn’t be so bad after all.

When I went to high school, I studied at Old Scona Academic in Edmonton, which was the top ranked high school in the country. There, I learned the value of competition, networking, communication, and prioritization. I developed many close friendships from my high school days that are sure to be lifelong.

Professional Life

For my undergraduate studies, I started in the biological sciences program at University of Alberta. It was there where I quickly realized that if I wanted to be a doctor, it would benefit me to learn some different skills. So I went on to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction and major in Finance prior to attending medical school. My background in business studies has allowed me to understand a different side of medicine, and how it all fits into the healthcare services economy here in Canada. As a primary health care provider, I encounter many situations where financial stress or cost of medication can impact the quality of life of my patients. By branching out during my undergraduate education, I can better relate to my patients’ various needs, and to provide comprehensive care.

During my two years of residency, like all family medicine residents I had completed rotations through many different fields like Pediatrics Inpatients, Psychiatry, Palliative Care, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, both Adult and Pediatrics Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, and Rural Medicine.

Additional elective training I have had during residency includes: Occupational Medicine, additional Hospitalist Training at Foothills Hospital, Calgary Refugee Health Clinic, Calgary Regional Fertility Program (Fertility Clinic), Calgary Aboriginal Health Clinic, and Sleep Medicine. I remain open to exploring all aspects of healthcare services, and I particularly enjoyed my time spent learning and working with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation addiction treatment center in the US.

Mental health and substance use issues are critical areas of health where I find primary care can do more. so if you or someone you know are having struggles please know that my practice is here to help.